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1g Footing tests on undrained clay with PIV/DIC image data

posted on 2021-03-12, 16:51 authored by Jared Charles

This dataset consists of a set of 8 footing tests carried out on undrained clay at 1g. A total of 4 large specimens were created, each of which was tested with both a 20mm width footing and a 40mm width footing. Image data was recorded on both sides of the specimen box throughout the test. Loading and displacement data of each footing was also recorded. Additional supplementary data was collected including triaxial testing and CPT testing. This dataset contains both the raw data and the final calibrated data along with all necessary information to carry out the calibration procedure.

This dataset was produced as part of a PhD project titled "Reconstruction of Soil Stress-Strain Response Using Optimisation". The goal of this project was to develop techniques by which optimisation can be used to find the soil stress-strain response that minimises the gap between externally applied work (i.e. loading) and internally dissipated work (i.e. a function of the stress and strain fields). External work is known and fully quantified through sensor data and the strain field is known through processing image data with Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and as such the recovered stress-strain response can be used with strain data to find the corresponding stress data and hence internally dissipated work.

This dataset was produced as part of an EPSRC funded PhD studentship.



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