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A Land Cover Atlas of the United Kingdom (Maps)

posted on 2017-11-03, 16:42 authored by Alasdair Rae
This set of maps accompanies my related publication, entitled 'A Land Cover Atlas of the United Kingdom',, which was published at the same time.

Some of the maps in this set feature in the Atlas, but at a lower resolution. I have deposited them here as high resolution images (300dpi PNG files) so that interested users can access and download them.

These maps were created using open data and open source software (QGIS) and you are free to use them as you wish.

There is one map for each of the 391 Local Authority areas of the United Kingdom.

These maps are open data, but the provider of the Corine Land Cover data featured here requires the following statement to be cited when using it:

“Copyright rests with the European Commission; Acknowledgement: Produced by the University of Leicester, The Centre for Landscape and Climate Research and Specto Natura and supported by Defra and the European Environment Agency under Grant Agreement 3541/B2012/R0-GIO/EEA.55055 with funding by the European Union.

If you reuse the underlying data, you should cite: Cole, B., King, S., Ogutu, B., Palmer, D., Smith, G., Balzter, H. (2015). Corine Land Cover 2012 for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre

This resource is made available under the terms of the Open Government Licence (”.



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