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Data for Highly nonlinear trion-polaritons in a monolayer semiconductor

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posted on 2020-06-23, 08:58 authored by Ruggero Emmanuele, Maksym Sich, Oleksandr Kyriienko, Vanik A. Shahnazaryan, Freddie Withers, Alessandro Catanzaro, Paul WalkerPaul Walker, Fedor Benimetskiy, Maurice SkolnickMaurice Skolnick, Alexander TartakovskiiAlexander Tartakovskii, Ivan A. Shelykh, Dimitrii KrizhanovskiiDimitrii Krizhanovskii
Experimental data supporting figures shown in the main text and supplementary materials of the paper "Highly nonlinear trion-polaritons in a monolayer semiconductor".



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