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Data for manuscript titled "Personalised 3D assessment of trochanteric soft tissues improves hip fracture classification accuracy"

posted on 2021-08-09, 10:06 authored by Alessandra Aldieri, Mara Terzini, Alberto Audenino, cristina bignardi, Margaret PaggiosiMargaret Paggiosi, Richard EastellRichard Eastell, Marco VicecontiMarco Viceconti, Pinaki BhattacharyaPinaki Bhattacharya

This dataset contain the three-dimensional characterisation of soft tissue thickness (STT) in the near hip region. The data is for 94 British postmenopausal subjects. Of these subjects, 47 had suffered a hip fracture, and the remaining 47 were age, height and weight matched controls. STT was measured from proximal femur CT images, and is defined as the distance between the femur surface and the skin layer along a specific fall impact direction with origin at the femur head centre. For each subject, STT was measured along 33 impact orientations.

For more information, see the preprint of the manuscript at:

The dataset is presented in Microsoft Excel format, named STTdata.xlsx. Columns in the table refer to an individual subject, and rows contains the following data fields:

- patients label

- fracture status

- BMI (in kg/m2)

- soft-tissue thickness (in mm) as estimated using BMI at the point of the greater trochanter

- soft-tissue thickness as measured using CT for the various impact orientations considered in the manuscript

A README.txt file is also provided and contains the above information.








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