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Data for paper "Investigation of the dependence of joint contact forces on musculotendon parameters using a codified workflow for image-based modelling"

posted on 2018-07-25, 21:05 authored by Luca ModeneseLuca Modenese, Erica Montefiori, Anqi Wang, Stefan Wesarg, Marco Viceconti, Claudia Mazza
This folder contains data and material used in the paper "Investigation of the dependence of joint contact forces on musculotendon parameters using a codified workflow for image-based modelling".
A complementary figshare is available with Matlab code.
The content of this figshare is:
1. PDF document with guidelines: "Step-by-step_modelling_guide.pdf" contains step-by-step operations for building subject-specific anatomical model of the lower-limb from gait data and MR Images.

2. Modelling_material
a. Modelling Folder Structure: this folder structure helps in the organisation of the modelling data and files and is required to correctly use the Matlab scripts. Reference to the structure and how to populate it can be find in in the "Step-by-step_modelling_guide.pdf".
b. NMSBuilder model structure template: this template is used in NMSBuilder to build the subject-specific anatomical model of the lower-limb according to the pipeline described in "Step-by-step_modelling_guide.pdf".
c. NMSBuilder dictionaries: these dictionaries can be imported in NMSBuilder to perform virtual palpation of anatomical landmarks and visible gait markers. A description of the anatomical landmarks is also available as excel file.
d. Muscle attachments atlas: this in contained in the folder "NMSBuilder_gait2392_muscle_attachments (mm)" where muscle attachments and their 3d coordinates (derived from the Opensim model gait2392) are listed within the respective body segment as txt files.

3. Simulations results (see README.txt): this folder contains the results published in the paper. It is organised in subfolders depending on the different approach to calculate musculotendon parameters, with the same identifiers as in the paper. For each approach, twenty-two folders contain each patient's OpenSim model (vtp files for geometries are not included due to sharing policies) and a Mat_summary with the results of the dynamic simulations run in OpenSim (as .mat files).





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