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Data on Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension supporting the paper titled "Individualised Survival Predictions using State Space Model with Longitudinal and Survival Data".

posted on 2023-11-20, 00:47 authored by Mark Cauchi, Visakan KadirkamanathanVisakan Kadirkamanathan

Training and testing data sets for longitudinal and survival analysis on pulmonary hypertension including baseline information and the longitudinal walking distance from exercise tests. For method, reader is referred to:

Data is extracted from the ASPIRE registry. The ASPIRE registry is an ethically approved research database managed by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STH14169, REC 22/EE/0011).

Data consists of an exerpt of the exercise tests routinely performed by patients at the Pulmonary Vascular Disease Unit in Sheffield.

Data columns are:

  1. id - Patient ID
  2. EvTime - Event Time (in months)
  3. event - Event (Binary variable indicating event happened or not)
  4. time - Time at which measurement is taken (in months)
  5. dx - Diagnosis of PH group
  6. baseAge - Age at Baseline
  7. isMale - Binary variable indicating male or female
  8. whoFC3-4 - Binary variable indicating the classification WHO Functional Class III/IV (or I/II)
  9. y - Measurement value (walking distance in metres)

Training data consists of 773 unique patients while testing data consists of 332 unique patients.



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