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Fostering cultures of open qualitative research: Dataset 3 – Workshop Transcript

posted on 2023-12-18, 13:47 authored by Matthew HanchardMatthew Hanchard, Itzel San Roman Pineda

This dataset was created and deposited onto the University of Sheffield Online Research Data repository (ORDA) on 14-Dec-2023 by Dr. Matthew S. Hanchard, Research Associate at the University of Sheffield iHuman Institute. The dataset forms part of the outputs from a project titled ‘Fostering cultures of open qualitative research’ which ran from January 2023 to June 2023, and was funded with £13,913.85 of Research England monies held internally by the University of Sheffield as part of their ‘Enhancing Research Cultures’ scheme 2022-2023.

The dataset aligns with ethical approval granted by the University of Sheffield School of Sociological Studies Research Ethics Committee (ref: 051118) on 23-Jan-2023. This includes due concern for participant anonymity and data management. ORDA has full permission to store this dataset and to make it open access for public re-use on the basis that no commercial gain will be made from reuse. It has been deposited under a CC-BY-NC license. Overall, this dataset comprises:

1 x Workshop transcript - in .docx file format which can be opened with Microsoft Word, Google Doc, or an open-source equivalent.

The workshop took place on 18-Jul-2023 at the Wave Building, University of Sheffield. All five attendees have read and approved a portion of transcripts containing their own discussion. All workshop attendees have had an opportunity to retract details should they wish to do so. All workshop attendees have chosen whether to be pseudonymised or named directly. The pseudonym or real name can be used to identify individual participant responses in the qualitative coding held within accompanying dataset from the same project -

Survey Responses:
Hanchard M and San Roman Pineda I (2023) Fostering cultures of open qualitative research: Dataset 1 – Survey Responses. The University of Sheffield. DOI: 10.15131/

Hanchard M and San Roman Pineda I (2023) Fostering cultures of open qualitative research: Dataset 2 – Interview Transcripts. The University of Sheffield. DOI: 10.15131/

As a limitation, the audio recording of the workshop session that this transcript is based upon is missing a section (due to a recording error) and may contain errors/inaccuracies (due to poor audio conditions within the workshop room). Every effort has been taken to correct these, including participants themselves reviewing their discussion/quotes, but the transcript may still contain minor inaccuracies, typos, and/or other errors in the text - as is noted on the transcript itself.

The project was undertaken by two staff:

Dr. Itzel San Roman Pineda (Postdoctoral Research Assistant)
ORCiD ID: 0000-0002-3785-8057
Labelled as ‘Researcher 1’ throughout all project datasets.

Principal Investigator (corresponding dataset author):
Dr. Matthew Hanchard (Research Associate)
ORCiD ID: 0000-0003-2460-8638
iHuman Institute, Social Research Institutes, Faculty of Social Science
Labelled as ‘Researcher 2’ throughout all project datasets.


Research England (internal award) 'Enhancing research cultures' 2022-2023 round



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