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How the O2-dependent Mg-protoporphyrin monomethyl ester cyclase forms the fifth ring of chlorophylls

posted on 2021-01-29, 10:51 authored by Guangyu Chen, Nathan Adams, Philip JacksonPhilip Jackson, Mark DickmanMark Dickman, Christopher HunterChristopher Hunter
Data-files acquired by reverse phase liquid chromatography coupled online to electrospray-ionisation mass spectrometry (Q Exactive HF, Thermo Scientific).
(1) 20200213_PJ_GC_MS1: full-scan MS, 500-700 m/z
(2) 20200213_PJ_GC_PRM: product ion scans by parallel reaction monitoring for cyclase substrate MgPME, product DV PChlide a, and catalytic intermediates 131-hydroxy-MgPME and 131-keto-MgPME at m/z 598, 611, 614 and 612 respectively.

Thermo RAW files are included in mzML format which is readable by open source applications such as SeeMS (


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