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Local Priests and their Siblings: Appendix - Bibliography

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posted on 2023-04-12, 11:28 authored by Alice Hicklin

 Appendix to Alice Hicklin,  ‘Local Priests and their Siblings c. 900–c. 1100: The Documentary Evidence’, Frühmittelalterliche Studien (2023)

ABSTRACT: Priests’ relationships with their brothers and sisters are richly evidenced in tenth- and eleventh-century documentary sources across the Latin West. But the looming shadow of the ‘Gregorian Reform’ has focused historians’ attentions on clerical marriage and vertical familial relationships (fathers and sons, or uncles and nephews). This article redresses the balance, arguing that sibling relationships have been underestimated in their importance to the lived experience of local priests, their families and communities in the tenth and eleventh centuries in post-Carolingian western Francia and the Iberian peninsula. It examines how priests and their brothers and sisters managed estates, co-operated to pool resources, and developed inheritance strategies with particular emphasis on how such records may reflect both practice on the ground and the concerns of the scribes, draftsmen and archivists who recorded, copied and edited them.

The following list comprises all published editions of charters or notices of local priests with siblings that I have investigated at the date of submission of the article (November 2022). Entries are alphabetised by location.


Priests in a post-imperial world, c. 900-1050

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