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Measurement of ductions and fields of Binocular Single Vision (BSV): Orthoptic practice in the UK and Ireland. Questionnaire data- raw and following consistency assessment.

posted on 2020-08-10, 11:38 authored by Catherine JukesCatherine Jukes, Helen Griffiths, Charlotte CodinaCharlotte Codina, Anne BjerreAnne Bjerre
The purpose of this questionnaire was to investigate current clinical practice measuring ductions and fields of BSV in the UK and Ireland.

An online questionnaire was distributed to 1290 Orthoptists in the UK and Ireland in February 2019 via the British and Irish Orthoptic Society (BIOS) members’ email distribution list and subsequently in the BIOS e-newsletter (Parallel Vision). The questionnaire comprised of 21 questions (10 mandatory), regarding the: measurement methods used, frequency of assessment, factors limiting measurement, and orthoptists’ views of the importance of quantitively measuring ductions and fields of BSV.

The research was approved by the University of Sheffield, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Ethics Committee. An introductory paragraph explained that by completing the questionnaire participants consented to their data being used anonymously and for the purpose of research. This research adhered to the declaration of Helsinki.

The 105 responses in their raw form are shown in 'original raw data Questionnaire'. A second file ('questionnaire data following consistency assessment') shows the responses after consistency checks. The altered entries and reasons for changes are shown at the bottom of the datasheet.

Ethical approval University of Sheffield approved 12.12.18 -
PROJECT TITLE: Questionnaire investigating the methods and frequency of measuring eye movement limitations and fields of BSV in the UK. APPLICATION: Reference Number 023757


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