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Mortgage Lending in Great Britain (link)

posted on 2018-04-25, 08:38 authored by Alasdair Rae
This website provides interactive mapping of outstanding residential mortgage lending by postcode sector across Great Britain, as published by individual banks, via the Council of Mortgage Lenders. This first iteration of the website - published in January 2014 - uses the most recent bank lending data, which covers the period up to the end of June 2013. I hope to update the website with future data releases, if I have the time. The map is coloured so that there are roughly the same number of areas in each category displayed in the key to the right. It's important to remember that this data release covers only seven major lenders and about three quarters of the mortgage market - it is not the full story but it does give us interesting insights that were previously not possible. The release did not include mortgage lending data for Northern Ireland, so that's why it's not included here. I've included a large interactive map on the home page and if you click below that you can see a full screen map. I've also added in some tabs which show postcode sectors in and around London, Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff but if you want to find somewhere else you can easily pan and zoom to it via the big map.


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