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Near-field Multislice Ptychography

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posted on 2023-04-27, 08:35 authored by Ziyang HuZiyang Hu, Andrew MaidenAndrew Maiden, Yiqian ZhangYiqian Zhang, Peng LiPeng Li, Darren Batey

This folder includes all near-field multi-slice ptychography data for both optical bench experiment and x-ray experiment which appeared in this paper.

An example ThreePIE MATLAB code of the multislice ptychography for use with data collected in a near-field cone beam experiment is attached. 

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Ptychography is a form of lens-free coherent diffractive imaging now used extensively in electron and synchrotron-based X-ray microscopy. In its near-field implementation, it offers a route to quantitative phase imaging at an accuracy and resolution competitive with holography, with the added advantages of extended field of view and blind deconvolution of the illumination beam profile from the sample image. In this paper we show how near-field ptychography can be combined with a multi-slice model, adding to this list of advantages the unique ability to recover high-resolution phase images of larger samples, whose thickness places them beyond the depth of field of alternative methods.



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