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Musical synchronization data under dTMS stimulation (Sham, dPMC, IPS)

posted on 2020-02-04, 12:04 authored by Renee TimmersRenee Timmers, Jennifer MacRitchie, Siobhan Schabrun, Tribikram Thapa, Manuel Varlet, Peter Keller
Full data is provided as well as aggregated data used for data analysis. The data relates to synchronization inaccuracy of a target note under three dTMS conditions (sham, right dorsal premotor cortex, and right intraparietal sulcus stimulation). Participants are musicians of different levels of piano expertise (non-pianists, amateur pianists, semi-professional pianists, and professional pianists). Participants synchronized with a pre-recorded co-performer, whose performances were presented as audio-only stimuli, audio-video or audio-animation stimuli. Target notes had either a short or long rhythmic duration.

Ethics approval from Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee (H9990).



Psychological and neurophysiological mechanisms underlying human interaction in musical contexts

Australian Research Council

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