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PRIEST study anonymised dataset

posted on 2020-11-05, 21:46 authored by Benjamin Thomas, Laura SuttonLaura Sutton, Steve Goodacre, Katie Biggs, Amanda LobanAmanda Loban
The PRIEST study used patient data from the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. The PRIEST study provided descriptive statistics of UK patients with suspected COVID-19 in an emergency department cohort, analysis of existing triage tools, and derivation and validation of a COVID-19 specific tool for adults with suspected COVID-19.

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Files contained in PRIEST study data repository

Main files include:

PRIEST.csv dataset contains 22445 observations and 119 variables. Data include initial presentation and follow-up, one row per participant.
PRIEST_variables.csv contains variable names, values and brief description.

Additional files include:

Follow-up v4.0 PDF - Blank 30-day follow-up data collection tool
Pandemic Respiratory Infection Form v7 PDF - Blank baseline data collection tool
PRIEST protocol v11.0_17Aug20 PDF - Study protocol
PRIEST_SAP_v1.0_19jun20 PDF - Statistical analysis plan

The PRIEST data sharing plan follows a controlled access model as described in Good Practice Principles for Sharing Individual Participant Data from Publicly Funded Clinical Trials. Data sharing requests should be emailed to Data sharing requests will be considered carefully as to whether it is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the data sharing request. For approval of a data sharing request an approved ethical review and study protocol must be provided.

The PRIEST study was approved by NRES Committee North West - Haydock. REC reference: 12/NW/0303


National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment (NIHR HTA) Programme (project number 11/46/07).



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