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Ratesetter+ dataset and plotting scripts

posted on 2022-03-28, 08:54 authored by Sam Hayes, David FletcherDavid Fletcher, Paul RichmondPaul Richmond, John Charlton
The following datasets are the modelling output generated from an agent-based simulation of passenger movement at the platform-train interface.

For validation of the numerical modelling, comparison was made to observed passenger behaviours from CCTV footage taken from mainline GB stations. The comparisons between the measured passenger flow times and the model predictions are contained with the file 'Validation Data.xlsx'. Each of the sheets contained correspond to individual stations from which CCTV was obtained and the column headings indicate the time and train type that was observed.

The predicted data as a response to social distancing variations is contained within 'Predicted flow times_scatter data'. For each level of social distancing (0, 0.75, 1 or 2 m), the predicted flow time for each of the combined number of passengers passing through each of the train doors is given. Each train stock type and platform width is given in an individual sheet.

The files marked 'Ratesetter Data_[train type platform width].xlsx', contain the tabular data for the predicted passenger flow times for each of the train stock types and platform widths. In each file, a corresponding sheet contains the data for the differing levels of passenger social distancing. The rows and columns in each of the files indicate the number of passengers boarding and alighting respectively in each of the simulated cases.

The README file gives the scripts used in MATLAB to produce graphical output of each of the datasets. The scripts can be compiled in MATLAB directly after ensuring each of the datasets are placed in the correct MATLAB path.

The ethics approval number is No 036472 RateSetter+ Social Distancing.


UKRI grant ES/W000601/1



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