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SEHI (Secondary Electron Hyperspectral Imaging) dataset of Metal alloy and Carbon film (Palladium Silver Carbon complex film)

Contact: SM3 (SEE MORE MAKE MORE) project PI, Professor Cornelia Rodenburg,

This data repository can be used as benchmark data for the purpose of material characterization, particularly for investigating nanostructures in materials using SEHI (Secondary Electron Hyperspectral Imaging), as well as research in instrumentations (Scanning Electron Microscopy), and advanced image processing and data analysis (computer vision and machine learning) techniques.

The complex metal alloy (palladium silver, abbreviated as PdAg) and carbon films were printed by University of Liverpool, and a Helios Nanolab G3 UC microscope was used to acquire the raw image stacks [1]. One can find information from [1] regarding the sample preparation, and experimental conditions. This dataset contains four processed SEHI stacks (cropped), and the associated metadata.

[1] Abrams, K.J., Dapor, M., Stehling, N., Azzolini, M., Kyle, S.J., Schäfer, J., Quade, A., Mika, F., Kratky, S., Pokorna, Z., et al., 2019. Making sense of complex carbon and metal/carbon systems by secondary electron hyperspectral imaging. Advanced Science 6, 1900719.


SEE MORE MAKE MORE: Secondary Electron Energy Measurement Optimisation for Reliable Manufacturing of Key Materials

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