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Shear database of FRP RC beams without shear reinforcement.xlsx (131.14 kB)

Shear database of RC FRP beams without shear reinforcement

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posted on 2017-08-10, 09:19 authored by Szymon CholostiakowSzymon Cholostiakow, Matteo Di BenedettiMatteo Di Benedetti, Maurizio GuadagniniMaurizio Guadagnini, Monika Kaszubska, Damian Szczech, Renata Kotynia
This database collects the main experimental results form the tests performed on the FRP reinforced concrete beams without shear reinforcement.

Note: A description of each spreadsheet column is available as a comment, on downloading and opening the excel file.


Marie Curie Initial Training Network endure 2013-607851