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Longitudinal and transverse dispersion within cylinder arrays with varying cylinder diameter distributions

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posted on 2021-11-29, 09:42 authored by Fred SonnenwaldFred Sonnenwald, Ian GuymerIan Guymer, Virginia StovinVirginia Stovin
This dataset describes CFD simulations run at the University of Sheffield in 2019-2020 to investigate the effects of stem size distribution on dispersion within random cylinder arrays. It reports geometry characteristics, model results, and dispersion coefficients. 159 geometries were generated and 137 CFD simulations were run consisting of combinations of 8 stem diameter distributions and 20 solid volume fractions. This dataset was created by Dr Fred Sonnenwald under EPSRC grant EP/P012027/1. It accompanies the journal article entitled “The Impact of Cylinder Diameter Distribution on Longitudinal and Transverse Dispersion within Random Cylinder Arrays”.


Modelling Mixing Mechanisms in 1D Water Network Models

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