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Technologies to support working dementia carers: Stakeholders perspectives from a custom-built co-design website

posted on 2022-04-12, 10:31 authored by Alice Spann, Luc de Witte, Mark HawleyMark Hawley, Marieke Spreeuwenberg

The views of working dementia carers and other relevant stakeholders (people with dementia, care workers, employers, etc.) on technologies to help carers better reconcile work and care were sought via a custom-built co-design website. The technologies (n=83) were previously identified based on working dementia carers' expressed needs and wants regarding technological solutions for their work-care reconciliation challenges and presented to participants in a blog-style format. Participants were asked to comment on these technology blog posts (i.e., how useful they thought they could be for working carers, how they thought the technology would affect them personally, whether they had ideas for improvements, etc.) and rate how much they liked the idea of the technology on a scale from 1 (min) to 5 (max). Each data file represents one of the 83 technology blog posts and is structured as follows: 1) description of the technology, 2) participants' comments, 3) participants' rating, 4) participant ID, 5) date and time of entry. An additional file details which stakeholder group participants belonged to.

The research received ethical approval from the ScHARR (School of Health and Related Research) Research Ethics Committee at the University of Sheffield (Reference 022994).



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