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The Standardised Tibia

posted on 2017-02-03, 13:31 authored by Hans Gray, Richie Gill, Marco VicecontiMarco Viceconti
This model was originally developed by Hans Gray and Riche Gill, at that time working at the Orthopaedic Oxford Engineering Centre, University of Oxford (UK), in the frame of a collaboration with Luca Cristofolini and Marco Viceconti, at that time based at the Medical Technology Lab of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, in Italy. The research that motivated the generation of this model was published here [ref1]. The fileset contains two STL surfaces representing the inner and outer surface obtained by segmenting a clinical CT of a composite tibia model 3101, at that time produced by Pacific Research Laboratories, Vashon, Washington, USA, that was then bought by Sawbones . The fileset was originally made available as Open Access to the research community in 2004 as part of the now defunct BEL Repository, which was then absorbed into the also now defunct PhysiomeSpace repository.