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Transverse and Longitudinal Dispersion in Vegetation 2016: Artificial, Carex, Typha

posted on 2016-12-13, 10:04 authored by James Hart, Patrick West, Fred SonnenwaldFred Sonnenwald, Virginia StovinVirginia Stovin, Ian Guymer
The data describes concentrations of a neutrally buoyant solute in water through both time and space past two measurement locations within full-width fully emergent vegetation. Measurements were conducted in five types of vegetation, low-density artificial vegetation, high-density artificial vegetation, Carex Acutiformis, winter Typha Latifolia, and summer Typha Latifolia.

This data set is suitable for estimating longitudinal and transverse dispersion. It accompanies the journal article submission entitled "Transverse and Longitudinal Mixing in Real Emergent Vegetation at Low Velocities".


EPSRC grants EP/K024442/1 and EP/K025589/1



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