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University of Sheffield Experimental Manhole Traces and CRTDs

posted on 2020-12-18, 11:44 authored by Ian GuymerIan Guymer, Virginia StovinVirginia Stovin, Rob O'Brien, Peter Dennis, Chanwit Saiyudthong, Shing-Tak Douglas Lau, Fred SonnenwaldFred Sonnenwald
This dataset describes experimental solute traces (upstream and downstream temporal concentration profiles) recorded in model surcharged manholes at the University of Sheffield from 1993–2007. Deconvolved cumulative residence time distributions (CRTDs) for each trace are also provided with this dataset. It accompanies the journal article submission entitled "Predicting manhole mixing using a compartmental model". This dataset was collected by Dr Robert O'Brien (EPSRC grant GR/H43366/01), Dr Peter Dennis, Dr Chanwit Saiyudthong, and Dr Shing-Tak Douglas Lau. Dr Fred Sonnenwald performed the deconvolution to obtain the CRTDs and uploaded this archive under EPSRC grant EP/P012027/1.


EPSRC grants GR/H43366/01 and EP/P012027/1



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