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X-ray nano-tomography of complete scales from the ultra-white beetles Lepidiota stigma and Cyphochilus

posted on 2020-04-23, 13:12 authored by Stephanie BurgStephanie Burg, Adam Washington, Julie Villanova, Andrew Dennison, Daragh Mcloughlin, Oleksandr MykhaylykOleksandr Mykhaylyk, Peter Vukusic, Will FurnassWill Furnass, Richard Jones, Andrew ParnellAndrew Parnell, Patrick Fairclough
The files contained in this dataset represent raw and processed x-ray nano-tomography data from the intact scales of the Lepidiota stigma (LS) and Cyphochilus (CY) beetles. A series of overlapping scans was taken on a single scale for each beetle. Files of the form CY_# and LS_# represent the raw tomography data post reconstruction. CY_greyscale and LS_greyscale are the complete matrices for each scale assembled from the individual scans. CY_thresholded and LS_thresholded are the assembled scale matrices which have been separated into black pixels (0) for material and white pixels (1) for air. As the full assembled matrices may be prohibitively large in some cases, slabs and an average cube of the internal scale structure have also been included, cut from the threshold matrices. In all cases 1 pixel is 25nm. Further information on the file types and import procedures can be found in the README.txt file.


This data was collected during a project co-funded by Innovate UK (Grant Number 33692-239251) in partnership with AkzoNobel and the University of Sheffield. Access to the facilities for experiment SC 4363 at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) was provided by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council.



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