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A GaAsSb/AlGaAsSb Avalanche Photodiode with a very small Temperature Coefficient of Breakdown Voltage

Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) made with the material AlGaAsSb (lattice-matched to InP) exhibit very low excess noise characteristics. We demonstrate a Separate Absorption and Multiplication APD (SAM-APD) incorporating a GaAs0.52Sb0.48 (GaAsSb) absorption region and an Al0.85Ga0.15As0.56Sb0.44 (AlGaAsSb) avalanche region. Our GaAsSb/AlGaAsSb SAM-APD exhibits cut-off wavelength of 1.70 μm at room temperature and a responsivity of 0.39 A/W at 1.55 μm wavelength (no antireflection coating). Temperature dependence of the breakdown voltage was obtained from avalanche gain data from multiple devices operated at 77 to 295 K. This produced a temperature coefficient of breakdown voltage of 4.31±0.33 mV/K, a factor of 10 and 5 smaller than values for comparable InP and InAlAs SAM-APDs. The very small temperature coefficient of this work is consistent with the extremely weak temperature dependence of avalanche breakdown previously observed in AlGaAsSb diodes.


UK-Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council grants (EP/N020715/1 and EP/K001469/1)



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