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CCWI2017: F102 'A rehabilitation decision-making approach for WDNs based on extended period simulations'

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posted on 2017-09-01, 15:23 authored by Giovanna Darvini, Valentina Ruzza, Paolo Salandin
The paper addresses the relevant topic of the rehabilitation in water distribution networks (WDNs). The degradation due to ageing of the networks reduces their mechanical and hydraulic characteristics, making the pipes subject to malfunctions and failures as well as to the increase of the leakage amount. To ensure a proper service in term of quantity and quality of the water delivered to users, a suitable maintenance program must be implemented, but the associated costs are relevant, and the interventions must be planned on the basis of both technical and economic constraints. This subject is here tackled by a Monte Carlo (MC) approach, considering both the hydraulic and mechanical deterioration processes of pipes affected also by leakage, as usual in the real world. Within the MC iterations, first a probabilistic model simulates the chain of repair and failure conditions, and then the performances of the each WDN configuration is evaluated by use of an efficient pressure-driven hydraulic algorithm. The analysis of the synthetic Anytown network leads to some unexpected results in terms of pipe replacement prioritizing, and due to a different leakage percentage affecting the network, the order of priority in the pipe maintenance program may result substantially modified.


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