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CCWI2017: F104 'Smart rainwater management systems powered by the internet of things: a UK case study'

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posted on 2017-09-01, 15:01 authored by Hossein Rezaei, Peter Melville-Shreeve, David Butler
Climate change is projected to significantly alter existing rainfall patterns. Traditional water and wastewater assets are unlikely to be able to respond to such events, particularly when factoring in increasing population growth. Novel source control and non-potable use strategies are required to limit the impacts of extreme events on water resources. A novel, smart Rainwater Management System (RMS) was developed by Over the Air Analytics Ltd. building on research conducted at University of Exeter. The technology sees the commercial application of emerging Internet of Things (IoT) protocols and communication platforms to manage rainwater at source to mitigate flooding and provide alternative water resources in urban settings. With new technologies in data gathering, communications, power management, and associated software, IoT systems can enable real-time management of water sector assets. In addition, the reducing cost of such technologies is enabling their deployment in a widening set of technical niches. In this paper, results from a trial with the Future Cities Catapult (London) are presented including high resolution data acquisition and analysis of an innovative smart RMS. Over a 4-month trial period, at a residential property, the smart RMS successfully attenuated the rainfall from several storm events, whilst enabling rainwater reuse for non-potable applications (i.e. WC flushing). Despite some gaps in the data, due to power and connectivity disruptions, the system showed a high degree of reliability, with little downtime. The study concludes that the use of IoT in RMS shows potential to increase the flexibility and resilience of water and wastewater assets by adapting to the challenges of climate changes in an affordable, reliable and scalable system.


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