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CCWI2017: F67 'Hydraulic reliability analysis of a real network with remotely real- time controlled pressure control valves'

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posted on 2017-09-01, 15:23 authored by Daniele B. Laucelli, Luigi Berardi, Antonietta Simone, Gema Raspati, Rita Maria Ugarelli, Orazio Giustolisi
The paper considers a real water distribution network, where current pressure control strategies exploit classical pressure control valves (PCVs). A previous study identified alternative pressure control strategies exploiting remote real time controlled pressure control valves (RRTC PCVs) together with existing classic ones, aimed at reducing background leakages. The proposed analysis relates to the hydraulic reliability of the system accounting for RRTC PCVs compared to the classic PCVs (already installed). The analysis also assumes fire protection requirements, statistical increase of customer demands and the increase of pipes deterioration (background leakages and pipe roughness). The hydraulic reliability analysis is part of the Management module of the WDNetXL system and is based on advanced hydraulic modelling, including pressure-dependent water demand components (e.g., background leakages), classic PCV and RRTC-PCVs as well as any hydraulic control device (pumps, directional valves) that might change WDN topology during the simulation.


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