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CCWi2017: F42 'Identifying relationships between weather variables and domestic water consumption using smart metering'

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posted on 2017-09-01, 15:27 authored by Maria Xenochristou, Zoran Kapelan, Chris Hutton, Jan Hofman
Satisfying the water supply-demand balance is a major problem of modern societies due to water scarcity, which is expected to be amplified by changes in the climate. In order to fulfil future demands, accurate predictions of water consumption are essential. This paper investigates the relationship between water consumption and air temperature, using a combination of smart demand metering data, household characteristics, and socio-economic data. Results indicate that the correlation between water consumption and temperature increases during working days, evenings, as well as during the summer and spring. In addition, a positive correlation was identified for households that are metered, have bigger gardens, and medium occupancy, as well as residents with higher socio-economic status and high seasonal variations in water consumption.