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Datasets for 'London Lives: Poverty, Crime and the Making of a Modern City, 1690-1800'

Dataset by Robert Shoemaker et al on 16/11/2016 17:30:01
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Figures for the review article: 'In Vitro Bone Cell Models: Impact of Fluid Shear Stress on Bone formation'

Figure by Claudia Wittkowske et al on 04/11/2016 09:58:30
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Tensile test results of Nylon12 and its composites (3% and 5% of nanoclay)

Fileset by Alaa Almansoori et al on 31/10/2016 10:16:48
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Failure strength of infant femurs under 4 point bending of 15 cases

Fileset by Xinshan Li on 28/10/2016 12:52:17
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