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CCWI2017: Water quality modellling, including sediment and pollutant transport

Paper by Richard Collins on 01/09/2017 15:26:01
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CCWI2017: F98 'Two-Point Constraint Control of Water Quality in Distribution Networks'

Paper by Abhilasha Maheshwari et al on 01/09/2017 15:25:25
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CCWI2017: F113 'Online Water-Quality Monitoring based on Pattern Analysis'

Paper by Rebecca M. Page et al on 01/09/2017 15:25:12
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CCWI2017: F11 'Can a Valve Closure Transient Cause Mobilisation of Adhered Particles?'

Paper by Richard Collins et al on 01/09/2017 15:24:59
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CCWI2017: F44 'Inline Mobile Water Quality Sensors Deployed for Contamination Intrusion Localization'

Paper by Nathan Sankary et al on 01/09/2017 15:24:55
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