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How to Share Series....Mixed Methods

posted on 2024-04-29, 19:41 authored by Philip PowellPhilip Powell, Richard CampbellRichard Campbell

The recording and slides from the 'How to Share...Mixed Methods Data' seminar, part of the How to Share series. This series looks at how best to share different research data types to help you make your research outputs more FAIR and open. Recorded on 2024-03-27.

Informed by success stories across the University, researchers will help share their knowledge and experience of the tasks and processes required to get your outputs in the best shape possible for sharing.

Mixed methods methodology aims to combine both qualitative and quantitative outputs to ensure clear, in-depth findings. Making these elements complement each other, however, is a complex task. Philip Powell from the Sheffield Centre for Health and Related Research will discuss the potential pitfalls but overall benefits of sharing both these data types together and why this will benefit other researchers, as well as some of the steps that had to be taken to make these data ready for sharing.



  • There is no personal data or any that requires ethical approval


  • The data complies with the institution and funders' policies on access and sharing

Sharing and access restrictions

  • The uploaded data can be shared openly

Data description

  • The file formats are open or commonly used

Methodology, headings and units

  • Headings and units are explained in the files