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Open Research Conversation: Diamond open access: The future of academic publishing?

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posted on 2024-06-12, 14:47 authored by Caroline Mackay, Caroline Edwards, Samuel Moore

Recording of the following session, part of the 'Open Research Conversations' seminar series at the University of Sheffield (organised by the University Library, Scholarly Communications Team), held on 12 June 2024:

Diamond open access: The future of academic publishing?

Diamond open access is a model of open access publishing in which academic outputs such as articles or books are free both to read and to publish. This contrasts with the more prevalent Gold open access model, where publications are free to read but authors wishing to make their publications open incur an article or book processing charge, which can be a costly barrier to those whose institutions or funders are unable to pay.

This Open Research Conversation will explore the rationale behind and benefits of Diamond open access, the infrastructure and community support required to achieve it, key challenges in the growth and upscaling of Diamond OA initiatives, and more. We’ll hear from the following speakers:

Samuel Moore is Scholarly Communications Specialist at Cambridge University Library and a researcher in information studies. He has written and spoken extensively on all aspects of open access, including Diamond OA, and is an organiser of the Radical Open Access Collective.

Caroline Edwards is Executive Director of the award-winning publisher Open Library of Humanities (OLH), which she co-founded in 2013.

Caroline Mackay is the Licensing Manager at Jisc, with involvement in Jisc’s support for Diamond OA publishing initiatives.



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