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Open Research Conversation: Too sensitive to share? Opening up sensitive research

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posted on 2024-03-14, 13:11 authored by Matthew FranklinMatthew Franklin, Claire CunningtonClaire Cunnington

Recording of the following session, part of the 'Open Research Conversations' seminar series at the University of Sheffield (organised by the University Library, Scholarly Communications Team), held on 13 March 2024.

Too sensitive to share? Opening up sensitive research

This session will explore issues around the openness of research materials and data on sensitive topics, examining the extent to which such research can meaningfully be made open to other researchers and the wider community while safeguarding participants’ privacy.

Matthew Franklin (School of Medicine and Population Health), a researcher specialising in public health policy and practice, will explore the importance of sharing healthcare data within appropriate limits in order to optimise interventions and consequently benefits for patients and communities. Claire Cunnington (Department of Sociological Studies) will discuss her experiences of co-creating an open access film output with participants in her study of survivors of childhood sexual abuse, providing an innovative perspective on what outputs from a sensitive research project can ethically be shared openly, while ensuring participants are empowered in this process. The session will include a screening of the short co-created film ‘Flow’.

Note - the film 'Flow' is not included in this recording but can be accessed on the University of Sheffield Player at this link:



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