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Open Research Video Case Study (2023): Ana Méndez de Andés

posted on 2023-09-18, 09:30 authored by Ana Mendez De Andes AldamaAna Mendez De Andes Aldama

Case study detailing the open research practices for which Ana Méndez de Andés was awarded runner up prize in the University of Sheffield Open Research Prize 2023.

This prize was awarded for openly sharing data and other outputs from a project on urban commons using the Open Science Framework platform.

Recorded and produced by Sort Of... Films in June-September 2023.

There are two files here - the MP4 (video) and .srt file (accompanying subtitles).

A written case study exploring Ana's open research practices is also available here:

Mendez De Andes Aldama, Ana (2023). Open Research Case Study: Ana Méndez de Andés - Using the Open Science Framework to share research data and contextual materials for a study on urban commons. The University of Sheffield. Report.



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