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Using a 360 degree camera as a mobile data collection method in running

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posted on 2020-10-25, 18:26 authored by Lee Pretlove, Andrew CoxAndrew Cox, Frank Hopfgartner, Laura SbaffiLaura Sbaffi
This video presentation was accepted and delivered at the British Sociological Association Sport Study Group's Virtual Postgraduate Forum, hosted by Brunel University, London, United Kingdom on 4 September 2020.

The video presents a mobile method for data collection in a qualitative doctoral research project, using a 360 degree camera. The method captures participant dialogue, observation and environment to address the research project’s aims towards understanding information types, use and value in running.

The method contributes to multimodal video and ‘elusive knowledge’ in qualitative research literature (Heath, Hindmarsh, & Luff, 2010; Toraldo, Islam, & Mangia, 2018) . It builds upon existing 180 degree video recordings for studying runners (Cook, Shaw & Simpson, 2016) and addresses practical and observational difficulties in recording running and information use during a run (Temir, O'Kane, Marshall, & Blandford, 2016). Filming in 360 degrees provides an alternative way of capturing the environment of the run, the participant and their use of information and devices under observation.

The camera is mounted on an extendable handgrip, held in front of the participant and researcher to record the audio and visuals of the run. A two stage process of analysis using desktop software and a virtual reality headset generates rich, descriptive audio and visual transcribed data for grounded theory analysis. This paper will demonstrate new insights the method and analysis offers through participant footage with researcher commentary.

University of Sheffield Research Ethics Approval number: 031267


AH/L503848/1, WRoCAH AHRC Open Competition Studentship, Arts and Humanities Research Council



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