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A framework for libraries to respond strategically to Artificial Intelligence

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posted on 2024-06-20, 14:41 authored by Andrew CoxAndrew Cox

The framework is a set of open questions for libraries to develop a strategic response to AI suitable to their context.

Imagined use cases include:

  • Library leadership team/ staff responsible for AI select some question areas to work on
  • Library builds discussion of questions into staff away day as part of a wider discussion about strategy
  • Library works with other institutional stakeholders to discuss response to AI
  • A group of libraries work together to understand variation and commonality in perspective with a view to building collaboration

The framework has nine steps organized around 9 sets of questions.

  1. What is a definition of AI and how is AI changing?
  2. How will AI impact your library? Which applications of AI are key for your library? Which are mostly likely? Which are most transformational? Which do you feel are the most pressing ethical issues, and why? How would you articulate a balanced response to AI?
  3. How should the library position itself in relation to wider strategies and context of AI? What are the relevant aspects of strategies at any of these levels: Institution, Sector, National, International? How do we position the library’s response to AI in relation to such strategies? How if at all does AI relate to common areas of library strategy? What is going on in the wider environment that is likely to shape how AI is adopted?
  4. What are the drivers and barriers to use of AI, at the library and institutional levels?
  5. What are libraries strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and threats in relation to AI?
  6. What are libraries’ AI capabilities and contribution to institutional capabilities?
  7. What are the main strategic options for libraries?
  8. What tactics do we have at our disposal and how do we organize them into a roadmap?
  9. What is your future vision for the AI enabled library?



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