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Open Research Conversation: Reproducibility in Practice

posted on 2021-01-18, 17:07 authored by Anna Krystalli, Tom StaffordTom Stafford

Reproducibility, recreating the results others have found in their research, presents many challenges for researchers, with several studies suggesting that much published cannot be reproduced. The University of Sheffield has an active reproducibility network, is a member of the UK Reproducibility Network and has created a new post of Research Practice Lead. This event will include presentations and discussions on reproducibility and the practical lessons learnt from running ReproHacks. Speakers will include:

  • Tom Stafford, Department of Psychology and the University’s Research Practice Lead
  • Anna Krystalli, Research Software Engineer

This event is part of a series of Open Research Conversations facilitated by The University of Sheffield Library, which include talks from researchers and other experts to share their experiences, promote best practices and discuss the challenges they are facing.
Slides and recording for the online event on 18th January 2021



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