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RDMRose: Session 1: Introductions, RDM, and the role of LIS

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posted on 2022-02-24, 10:14 authored by Andrew CoxAndrew Cox, Eddy VerbaanEddy Verbaan

The module explains research data management and the role of librarians in it. It was created in the JISC funded RDMRose project, by the libraries of the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York and the Sheffield Information School. It is structured in 8 sessions, each of which has 4 parts, each planned to last approximately an hour. The module is intended to offer participants a collaborative, practical, active, realistic, strategic and theoretical learning experience. The module is an Open Educational Resource, free for others to use and reuse.

Session 1 Introductions, RDM, and the role of LIS, read Notes 1 for a description of the learning materials.





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