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Baseline Study of Postharvest Loss of Selected Crops in Two Districts of the Morogoro Region of Tanzania

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posted on 2023-02-23, 00:28 authored by Pamela AbbottPamela Abbott, Andrew CoxAndrew Cox, Kalista Higini Peter, Theresia Philemoni, Mohammed Said, Yuhua Wang

This report presents the results of a baseline study investigating the reasons for postharvest loss (PHL) for three perishable/semi-perishable crops (onion, tomato and sweet potato) produced in the Morogoro region of Tanzania. The report assesses post-harvest loss at various stages of the food production cycle, its causes, the available technology, information and knowledge sources applied, and proposes recommended solutions.


RES/5249 A Baseline Study of Systems Supporting Postharvest Food Preservation Amongst Smallholder Farmers in Morogoro, Tanzania - Institute for Sustainable Food Pump Priming, University of Sheffield



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