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Co-Design, Co-production and Participatory Policy Making - Insights From the Social Sciences

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posted on 2020-02-27, 21:31 authored by Judith Tsouvalis-Gerber, Ruth Little
This Working Paper is concerned with the use of co-design and co-production approaches in policymaking in the fields of agriculture and the environment. It draws together evidence and key findings from the social sciences on co-design, co-production and related participatory approaches and discusses their differences, strengths, and weaknesses. It outlines why these approaches are considered to add value to policymaking and explains why they have become increasingly popular in recent decades. The paper also looks at the principles of different participatory approaches and some of the methods they use. It makes policy recommendations, and highlights evidence gaps.


Sheffield ESRC Grant 157084 'Agri-Environmental Governance Post-Brexit: Co-production of policy frameworks’

Defra ‘Brexit and the Environment: Using social science to re-design Environmental Land Management payments’



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