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Evaluation of the QUIT hospital-based smoking cessation service: Interim report - covering the setup phase of the evaluation

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This is the interim report for the University of Sheffield's evaluation of the QUIT programme of hospital-based stop smoking services.

The evaluation was comissioned by Yorkshire Cancer Research.

The interim report covers the setup phase of the evaluation - in which we developed:

  • A qualitative description of the new service as it was in the early phases of implementation;
  • A plan for the statistical and health economic analysis of quantitative data from the service.


Ethical approval was obtained from the Sheffield University School of Health and Related Research Ethics Committee (ref. 037954).


The University of Sheffield was commissioned by Yorkshire Cancer Research to undertake this service evaluation of the QUIT service as a consultancy project (SA/R117). The University has used further funds from Research England to generate knowledge to enhance the impact of this work [QR-Policy Support Fund].



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