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Factors Influencing Farmer Participation In Agri-Environment Schemes (AES) – Evidence From The Social Sciences

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posted on 2020-02-27, 21:30 authored by Judith Tsouvalis-Gerber, Ruth Little
This Working Paper (WP) draws together social science evidence on factors found to influence the decision of farmers to participate in agri-environment schemes (AES) and undertake pro-environmental management activities. It provides recommendations to policy makers based on this evidence. The WP summarises key findings of 34 peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals between 1983-2018 that are either detailed empirical studies or literature reviews focused on England, Scotland and Wales.


Defra: 'Brexit and the Environment: Using social science to re-design Environmental Land Management payments'

ESRC Grant Nr. 157084 'Agri-Environmental Governance Post-Brexit: Co-production of policy frameworks'



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