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Inclusive design of post-Brexit Agri-Environmental Policy: Identifying and engaging the 'Harder to Reach' Stakeholders. An Empirical Study

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posted on 2020-06-22, 10:46 authored by Paul Hurley, Jilly Hall, Jessica Lyon, Judith Tsouvalis-Gerber, David Christian Rose, Ruth Little
This report discusses findings from the study “Inclusive design of post-Brexit Agri-Environmental policy: Identifying and engaging the 'harder to reach' stakeholders” - funded by Sheffield University and undertaken in collaboration with the University of Reading. The study (Feb/March 2020) involved 25 semi-structured interviews with experts working with the hard to reach and a teleconference with 11 practitioners involved in agri-environment schemes. The report will be of interest to policymakers undertaking policy co-design in the agri-environmental field, especially those concerned with the development of the new, post-Brexit agri-environmental schemes, which includes the new Environmental Land Management (ELM) Scheme for England. More broadly, the findings presented will be of interest to academics, practitioners and others interested in hard to reach people in policymaking and research, and in methods and engagement strategies that could foster more inclusive policy making processes, especially in the land/environmental management fields.


University of Sheffield QR Allocation for Evidence-Based Policy-Making from Research England

Agri-Environmental Governance Post-Brexit: Co-Production of Policy Frameworks (ES/S007830/1



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