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Managing Background Leakage: Stage A Report

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posted on 2023-02-13, 15:20 authored by Richard CollinsRichard Collins, Joseph BoxallJoseph Boxall, Stuart Trow, Steve Tooms, Euan Hampton

Stage A Report for the OFWAT funded "Managing Background Leakage" 

Water Breakthrough Challenge Transform Stream Project.

This report summarises the challenges faced by Background Leakage and provides motivation for the project.  The report also outlines the stages of the project and the approaches that will be taken.


1) A review of current knowledge with respect to Background Leakage

2) Results of analysis of previously assessed District Meter Areas (DMAs)

3) List of the DMAs that have been selected to be monitored in this project

4) Proposed Modelling Approach for Background Leakage Detection and Localisation

5) Anonymising Water Networks for Open Access Publication



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Sharing and access restrictions

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