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Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board and Public Engagement

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posted on 2021-07-06, 13:13 authored by Amy Barnes, Mary CrowderMary Crowder, Sue Baxter
This report considers what engagement work the HWBB in Sheffield has carried out in recent years. It maps engagement work against the 9 ambitions of the current health and wellbeing strategy; identifies gaps for particular ambitions and/or for particular demographic groups; and considers examples of good practice and areas where engagement could have more impact.

The report discusses issues relating to:
* The role clarity of the HWBB (including how national directives and reforms affect this)
* How to have conversations about strategy, determinants of health and inequalities
* Power dynamics
* The need for safe spaces to discuss issues of inequality
* Enabling and developing people’s capabilities to engage and influence, and the role of the VCS here
* Institutional culture and skills for engagement
*Senior leadership and commitments to drive change across the city

This research was ethically approved by the University of Sheffield (Ref: 032764).


NIHR School for Public Health Research Grant Reference Number PD-SPH-2015



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