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UK science, technology & innovation policy after Brexit: priorities, ambitions & uncertainties

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posted on 2021-04-28, 10:07 authored by Gavin Costigan, James Wilsdon

The UK's research and innovation system has been through a decade of almost constant change, thanks in part to a combination of austerity, Brexit and COVID-19. With light now appearing at the end of the pandemic tunnel, and the first stages of the Brexit process complete, what are the prospects for UK science, technology and innovation over the next five to ten years? Ranging across R&D investment, structural reform of the funding system, international collaboration, and thematic priorities, this report provides a snapshot of recent developments, persistent uncertainties and future pathways, as the government seeks to make post-Brexit Britain “a science superpower.”

The report is published by the UK's Foundation for Science and Technology, and was commissioned by the Embassy of Japan in the UK.



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