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Unlocking real-world data to promote and protect health and prevent ill-health in the Yorkshire and Humber region

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posted on 2021-06-03, 14:28 authored by Matthew FranklinMatthew Franklin

This is a blog post authored by Matt Franklin on the topic of Real World Data.

The final report can be accessed by clicking on the title below.   

Unlocking Data to Inform Public Health Policy and Practice 

Franklin, Matthew; Stone, Tony; Baxter, Susan; Haywood, Annette; Hinde, Sebastian; Howdon, Daniel; et al. (2022): Unlocking Data to Inform Public Health Policy and Practice. The University of Sheffield. Report.  





  • There is no personal data or any that requires ethical approval


  • The data complies with the institution and funders' policies on access and sharing

Sharing and access restrictions

  • The data can be shared openly

Data description

  • The file formats are open or commonly used

Methodology, headings and units

  • Headings and units are explained in the files