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Domestic abuse and mothers in prison or on release: an evidence review. Final Report.

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posted on 2023-06-20, 08:10 authored by Michaela RogersMichaela Rogers, Kelly Lockwood, Elizabeth Speake


The main aim of the study was to conduct an evidence review comprising: i) a systematic literature review; and ii) a policy analysis. The primary objective of the systematic review was to evaluate and synthesise global literature reporting on the effectiveness of interventions that address DVA for mothers who are in, exiting, or have recently been released from prison, considering what types of interventions work, for whom, and in which contexts. We examined global literature to establish if there is anything to be learned from practice in other countries. In addition, the policy analysis set out to describe and evaluate central government policy documents and reviews pertaining to England and Wales for mothers with past/current experience of DVA who are serving or have recently served a prison sentence. We set out to establish how policies frame the problem of mothering, DVA, offending and rehabilitation and equally how they reflect and address the intersecting issue of mothering, DVA, offending and rehabilitation. 


Nuffield Foundation FR-22638



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