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Automated mapping of Antarctic surface meltwater

posted on 2021-10-29, 15:21 authored by Peter Tuckett, Jeremy ElyJeremy Ely, Andrew SoleAndrew Sole, James Lea, Stephen LivingstoneStephen Livingstone, J. Melchior van Wessem, Julie JonesJulie Jones

The code provided here relates to methods described in the following paper:

Tuckett, P. A., Ely, J. C., Sole, A. J., Lea, J. M., Livingstone, S. J., Jones, J. M., and van Wessem, J. M.: Automated mapping of the seasonal evolution of surface meltwater and its links to climate on the Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica, The Cryosphere Discuss. [preprint],, in review, 2021.

The scripts provided can be used to automatically map surface meltwater in Antarctica from Landsat optical satellite images. The main lake mapping script is run in Google Earth Engine (GEE), and requires three inputs: 1) A start and end date for the mapping period; 2) A shapefile to specify the total area over which lakes will be mapped; 3) The temporal resolution at which results will be generated (e.g. given number of days/months). Results are exported from GEE as a GEOJSON file. The post-processing script is run in Matlab, and performs post-processing steps on the GEOJSON file. This script creates shapefile lake outputs for each time step. For further information, please see the README file, the companion paper (Tuckett et al., 2021), or contact Peter Tuckett ( for any further enquiries.



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