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Devolatilization of planetesimals by SLRs data

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posted on 2023-08-04, 07:56 authored by Joseph EatsonJoseph Eatson, Richard ParkerRichard Parker, Taras V. Gerya, Tim Lichtenberg

Data used for producing the plots and conclusions in the paper Devolatilization of extrasolar planetesimals by 60Fe and 26Al heating (J W Eatson, T Lichtenberg, T V Gerya, R J Parker, 2023). Much of the data in this repository is compressed with an accompanying plotting script to generate each dataset, the entire raw data produced in this paper is on the order of 4TB, as such will not be stored long term. Instead the critical data from each simulation is stored, as well as the means to initialise and run each simulation performed in this project.

Much of the data in this repository is compressed with an accompanying plotting script to generate each dataset. Each simulation has had the following data sets extracted from it:

  • hydrous_silicates.t3c: a data file that contains the bulk water properties of the planetesimal over time
  • simulation.yaml: A YAML configuration file used by the plotting scripts

These data sets are heavily compressed using LZMA to reduce the file size. The expected size of this repository after decompression is approximately 1.5GB.

The I2ELVIS programme periodically outputs the numerical grid in the form of a .prn file, which can be read with the plotting library, while the hydrous_silicates file can be read using the library stored in the "plotters" directory. Some aspects of the plotting libraries are a little rough, but are for the most part documented. If you have any queries about the code please email the lead author of the paper.

In addition to the data, a series of scripts exist for generating the initial conditions for all simulations described in this paper. These "bootstrap" scripts use the programme to initialise each simulation, this requires that the i2elvis file be decompressed, and the contained programmes compiled and aliased. See the file in the root folder for more information.



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